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New bespoke labels

Where best to start on a quest to create a sustainable business than with the products we sell? Their credentials shout about how we like to do business. Using sustainable, natural materials innovatively, sets out clearly where we are coming from. A combination of coir pots, peat-free compost, wooden reusable retail display trays and our wooden and bamboo labels creates a whole new world in which we can help promote a better way to do things as well as sell some fantastic plants.
We have always put plenty of thought into how our plants are presented as well as grown. In 2015 we took another radical step with our own bespoke colour label for all the perennials. We took a long hard look at existing issues with the old ‘off the shelf’ labels, like the way they can be difficult to insert in compost that is well rooted, the short and floppy tongue lengths, the lack of bar-coding and the vast array of different designs we had to use, after sourcing from so many different young plant suppliers.

Working alongside the Floramedia design team we have come up with a new label design that overcomes these problems combining the colour and flexibility of a partly recycled and recyclable plastic face with a long specially designed bamboo skewer. The skewer itself is printable and threads simply into the plastic face pushing easily into any well rooted pot contents.
We picked a simple shape for the plastic body to maximise impact but keep off-cut waste to a minimum, while the skewer ensures easy, strong and secure label insertion. The bamboo skewer is actually an adaptation of a catering sushi skewer with the head and length redesigned and the point blunted for easier and safer handling. A great example itself of a good value, sustainable product.

The fresh new look labels incorporate variety specific bar-codes, plant and coir pot information, and logo’s highlighting ‘RHS Award of Garden Merit’, ‘Perfect for Pollinators’ and ‘Home Grown’ where appropriate.
We are also now able to print our own version of the same colour label design, so as new lines are added or short production runs planned, we will still be able match the finished appearance of the whole display.
For those just wanting simple pre-pricing we can print your price on the skewer face, although there is a small charge for this service.
The labelling of the herb range is still on our great looking wooden ‘tongue depressor’ labels but with an updated format incorporating individual barcodes for each variety. Separate pre-pricing for the herbs remains an option, printing on an extra wooden label.

Wooden display trays
After first using waxed card trays as an alternative to plastic, back in 2009 we introduced a new robust, returnable and reusable wooden tray with a versatile and practical header board. They look great, last for ages and stack for easy return. The overall design and appearance of the trays and labels was inspired by the plants and pots they hold and compliment both beautifully. They offer a fresh, sustainable and more natural approach to promoting plants in the retail environment.
Although no initial charge for the trays is made, a large investment has been made in the boxes and we do rely on getting them all back to site for multiple usage. We collect the empties when we are either delivering the next order or are close by and will only make a charge (£5/box) if the boxes are not returned at the end of the season.
The wooden trays each hold 12 pots with 3 trays fitting on a trolley shelf.
We create our own point of sale promotional pictures that we stick to card header boards. These can be customised with your logo, name and pot prices and inserted in the front of the wooden trays.