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Laboratory Nursery Potted Modules

The on site unit at Kirton Farm has been ‘microproping’ now for 23 years. Caroline and lab manager Gwyneth together with our skilled and experienced production team continue to produce a range of high quality micropropagated young plants. We grow a range of over 150 varieties and produce over 500,000 plantlets a year. A large proportion of the production is grown on contract for UK nurseries looking to introduce new, high value lines, the remainder of the production can be ordered from the micropropagated variety list. (link to this)

Ordering and Availability
The main crop is available from mid-May through the summer to early September. The plants are graded, in trays of 104 modules, prior to delivery and are fully weaned and ready for life on the nursery. Some stock can be available as overwintered plugs ready for potting in the early Spring. These overwintered plants have been established in the modules since the summer and have well developed roots and crowns.

Customers are welcome to order directly from the catalogue or can request an up-to-date list for a more accurate guide to current availability. The amount of free stock available is limited, so customers are advised order as far in advance as possible so that we can build your requirements into our production program. This particularly applies to customers who may require larger numbers of a variety.
Much of our production is concentrated on contract grown crops, bulking up new, or slow to propagate varieties, to order. Please contact us if you are interested in this service and we can discuss your individual requirements.

There is a minimum free delivered order of twelve trays (1200 plants) to the UK mainland.
For orders collected from the nursery, there is no minimum order and you can claim a £2.00/tray collection discount.
We can also offer a discount of £1.00/tray for payment on delivery or collection.
How the plants are supplied.
Most of our stock is sold as weaned plants established in our module trays of 104 (counted as 100) ready for immediate potting into a liner or larger pot. The cell size of each module is approximately 34mm diameter and 47mm deep. If preferred and enough advanced notice is given we can supply stock as rooted plantlets still growing in Agar in their clear plastic tubs straight from the lab growth room (Stage 3). This reduces the cost by about 15p per plant but does involve more risk to the grower in being able to successfully wean the plants on their own premises.
Plants are delivered by our own transport or a haulier and delivery is included in the catalogue price (UK mainland only).

Contract Growing
A large proportion of our production is now concentrated on contract growing new or difficult to obtain varieties. We can initiate new stock or take over in vitro material. The plants can be supplied rooted in agar or fully weaned in modules. Costs will vary depending on the service, the quantities and production costs involved. Due the high initial costs involved in initiating new stock, the minimum quantities required need to be at least 2,000 plants a year, for a minimum of 3 years. The majority of our expertise lies with herbaceous stock although we have experience of some soft fruits. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee delivery of plant material because we are battling with nature to propagate successfully.