Welcome to Kirton Farm Nurseries Ltd the home of

The Hairy Pot Plant Company

Environmental Policy

Kirton Farm Nurseries Ltd, home of the ‘Hairy Pot Plant Company’, is a privately owned nursery producing and selling both ornamental and edible plants. The nursery operates two production areas, a specialist propagation unit supplying young plants to other nurseries for growing on, and a larger plant production unit, producing finished plants in environmentally friendly pots and trays, for nurseries, garden centres and our retail website. We are committed to producing quality products backed up by great service, with a particular focus on sustainability and good environmental practices. We are aiming to continue to reduce our carbon footprint, lessen pollution risks and minimise the loss or misuse of the world’s non-renewable resources.

This is a brief summary of what we do to protect the environment and increase sustainability:

      1. - Every day, in all our activities we consider our impact on sustainability and the environment.
      2. - Strive to continually improve our sustainability and environmental performance by monitoring, reviewing and minimising, the environmental and social impact of all the stuff we do.
      3. - Reduce waste by working out better ways of doing things, re-using, refurbishing, composting and recycling where we can, and by purchasing natural, recycled or refurbished products and materials when possible.
      4. - Make more efficient use of materials and resources such as energy and water in all areas, paying particular attention to those that are not renewable.
      5. - Buy and use sustainable and environmentally responsible products if they are suitable for the job.
      6. - Promote environmental awareness among our employees, encouraging them and providing them with opportunities to take an active role in living and working in an environmentally responsible way.
      7. - Tell our customers and suppliers, as well as the general public and local community about our sustainability and environmental achievements and encourage them to support them and take a part themselves in improving their own environmental performance.
      8. - Although we use very few hazardous materials we avoid their unnecessary use and always seek alternatives where it is feasible. We take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when they are used, stored and disposed of. Where required by legislation, or where significant health, safety or environmental hazards occur, we develop and maintain appropriate emergency and spillage response procedures, just in case.

We will review this policy statement every now and then or when we have any major change in production. It will be available on site for our staff and posted on our websites for all to see.


Derek Taylor (Managing Director)